Comprehensive Audiological Evaluations

A comprehensive audiological evaluation will determine if you have a hearing loss and will assist the audiologist in recommending appropriate treatment for your hearing loss, whether that be a referral for medical attention or a hearing aid consultation to discuss amplification options.

During the evaluation, you will first be asked a thorough hearing and health history to better understand your symptoms. Questions will be asked about the onset of your hearing loss, if there is ringing in your ears (tinnitus), if you experience pain or dizziness, if you have a family history of similar symptoms, and your history of noise exposure. Second, the audiologist will look in your ears and determine if any earwax needs to be removed prior to the hearing test. Next, a pressure test will be completed to evaluate the function of middle ear which is located behind the tympanic membrane (eardrum). This test, tympanometry, assists the doctors in diagnosing disorders that can cause hearing loss. After tympanometry, the remainder of the testing will be completed in a sound proof room. For some parts of the test, you will be asked to repeat words. For other parts of the test, you will be asked to push a button whenever you hear tones. Immediately following testing, the audiologist will review the results and recommendations with you.

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